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How are you guys doing today? Hope it is the best day of your life <AMIIN>
Yeay, i am very pleased today to do a book review by PAIGE TOON. She is one of my favorite author. All of her books are masterpiece. You guys should try so you can feel the satisfaction out of it ^^ So far she has 12 books and 2 e-books and I`m looking forward for what she has in store for us. She just released her new book, "The one we fell in love with" this year, am going to buy it soon and hopefully you guys can get it too (MY SUGGESTION:MPH WHICH IS ONLY RM43.95) so we can support her together. HEHE 😁😉 

Okay now i`m going to do a review regarding to her published book in 2010 which is ......

Hm, when I first decided to buy it was because of the cover. I bought the pink and green cover which are both my favorite colors. There is another version of mix pink, blue purple color which is beside the one I bought. Apart from that, the synopsis at the back of the book was captivating and sounds interesting. It took months until I finished reading it as I got a lot of other stuff to take care of. 

Basically, I love the story because it kind of happened also in my PAST relationship so I can feel the emotions easily. My favorite character is Richard who was very in love with Lily because I can relate to his heartbreak and pain with mine. He seems real and alive. I respect him for his strength to open his heart for another girl after was being crippled by the pain and not let it destroy him. I believe that someday, someone that will truly loves you will help you heal and recover quickly. It may seems inconclusive but as time passes by, you will find peace. And that`s how Richard survived. (HOW I SURVIVED TOO) 😝😂 BUT THE PROBLEM IS, HOW STRONG YOU`RE TO FORGIVE THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY! 


My favorite part is when Lily and Ben were forced to stay apart due to the age difference. It`s not that I`m mean but I do agree that sometimes absence can makes love grows fonder and only by that we will realize how important someone to us. Somehow, the reality of living apart is really heartbreaking and only the strong one can endure it. So I`m giving credit to Lily where she managed her emotional well and can live normally despite of the tears and struggles after the farewell. Though it`s hard at the beginning she was able to keep moving forward. I adore her how she still in love with the one that got away and never forget him.  Before this, I believe that you should not hold on to your past, even if you love him. Due to the fact that he leaves you, everything should be forgotten. Your feelings should be ignored.This story changes a little bit of my perception. So i`m very thankful for that new opinion but i don`t agree 100%. WHY? Well maybe because I`m tired and I`m done with betrayal of my past relay (I WAS STUPID TO BE INVOLVED IN IT)

If you guys want to know what 's happening go and get ths book okay 🌹🙈 Overall, I enjoy it and proudly would love to recommend to anyone who`s still can`t get over or things didn`t go well with their past relationship to read this because the novel portrays hope and miracle. If you have faith and let the fate shows the way, you also can be happy.

Lots of love.

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