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- Thank the person who tagged you (Big thanks to Syilah )
- Answer their 11 questions
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1. Apa yang membuatkan tercetusnya idea untuk adakan blog dan apa rahsia di sebalik nama blog korang itu?
    Honestly, this is my second blog. I got one before when I was back in Form 2 which is in 2011. By that time I  started blogging because of my crush HAHAHAHA LOL and yeah everyone was doing it so i kinda felt like I   should have one. But after awhile I realized that I was soooo lazy to post anything and time flies so fast I cant even remember what is the link for my previous blog :`) Then I decided to write again back in 2015 but guess what... I am still a lazy person Hiks Hopefully I`m gonna write more soon.
 Hm actually there`s no secret I bet. I choosed pwincesh because i really love princesses and all the stuff. It`s symbolizing that 'Dreams do come true when you work towards it' . Get it? Fairy tales always about living happily ever after and achieving what you deserve. Have faith and believe in yourself. So its kinda giving me positive vibes.

2. Belajar di mana sekarang dan dalam course apa?
UKM Bangi - Biochemistry
Well, planned differently but end up here. God know what is the best right Hiks

3. Movie latest yang korang dah tengok and cadangkan movie apa yang patut Syilah tengok?
The latest one is HOSPITAL by David Teo. I give a 3.5 out of 5 stars. This is because its sooooo complicated and a lil bit annoying. The stroryline is kinda confusing but yeah not bad actually but i just not really like it. Perhaps you could watch it and do share your opinions later XD

4. Macam mana nak hadapi masalah dalam hidup dan masalah itu terbawa sampai ke tempat kerja/sekolah/universiti/kolej?
 As for me, i think that crying is the best solution. Once you let everything out, then you will learn how to let go and keep moving forward. Find yourself a good listener/partner, it can be anyone around you that you`re comfortable with. When you share your problems with someone, trust me the burden is lifted. Don`t run, face your problems. Think of the solutions. The most important thing is be happy for whatever life throws at you. Life surely is tough but you need to be tougher.
 *Feel free to share anything including your problems with me. Hiks am a good listener and your secrets are safe in my hand

5. Perkara yang tidak dapat dilupakan sehingga kini?
Allahu, this is hard. I am pretty sure that I can remember everything *krik krik* Well its a lie right we human do have limits in remembering.... Hm regarding the question I do have a lot of memories that still going on my mind.  Unfortunately its including my dark past which I really wanted to erase from my memory. But hm ppl make mistakes so I`ll just need some more time to forget everything. But i want to share the day that is still crystal clear in my mind, the day when I lost my Grandfather forever ;`) Al-Fatihah. (Kakak rindu atuk sangat) I wish I can get another chance to do good to him. I haven`t done much for him. It`s really heartbreaking but I let him go for good. I knw he is in a better place now. 

6. Berapa negeri di Malaysia sudah korang travel?
Selangor, Perak, Pahang, Kedah, Perlis, Pahang, Johor, N9, Melaka. Huhuhu not much. Planning to go somewhere but I`m so buy right now. Gonna have my final soon.Do pray for meeeee.

7. Barang yang paling disukai dan sayang?
 ALL (?) I can`t` think of a thing. Guess i don`t` have a favorite one. Gosh, i never give a thought about this. Thank you for asking. Need to find one soon. But I think I really love my makeup collections and all of my outfits and my handbags and my shoes and my novels and my everything...... 

8. Jumlah gaji pertama yang diperoleh dan buat apa dengan gaji pertama itu?
I TAK PERNAH KERJAAAAAA GAISSSSS!! #sadlyfe  Planning to work somewhere do wish me luck Huhuhu

 9. Minat baca novel? Novel apa yang paling best setakat ini?
 YESSSSS!! And currently I`m reading 'The girl you left behind' by Jojo Moyes. Bought it few years ago only now manage to read it and i got more in lines. So the best one so far is .... i don`t have one. Hehehehe 

10. Universiti dalam Malaysia atau luar negara yang terbaik? Mengapa?
Both are fine. No matter where, if you`re not studying well than you will fail. So make it worth while the chance is there.

11. Apa kekurangan blog Syilah yang perlu diperbaiki? 
Post more about you. Wanna read your stories. Nice to meet you. You`re pretty.

This so exciting. Thank you for tagging.
Lots of love.




  1. Thank you so much for answering it! "The Girl You Left Behide" also the best books to read. And oh yeah Good Luck for your final :)

  2. Banyaknya negeri dah travel dekat Malaysia